One of JANA’s core competencies is our understanding of domestic and global investment managers.

We undertake thousands of meetings with investment managers each year in order to develop a deep knowledge of their philosophies and styles and their strengths and weaknesses.

We translate this knowledge into advice that helps our clients ensure they always have the best mix of investment manager skills to achieve their investment objectives.

Our meetings with managers provide an opportunity to interview the managers and review their operations and performance, using both quantitative and qualitative measures.

A key differentiator in our global research effort is that, unlike most of our peers, we do not rely on overseas offices or affiliations. Our investment professionals conduct their own research face-to-face with investment managers in their offices all around the world. We do not rely on advice prepared by distant partners or associates.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • we prioritise our research programme and exercise our own standards and quality controls
  • we get to know the managers and their personnel intimately and can evaluate them over time according to our criteria, not those of a third party and
  • we identify new high quality managers and new ‘best ideas’ early and, by introducing them to our clients’ funds, give them an ‘early mover’ advantage.