Innovation is a constant theme at JANA. We continually search for new sources of return and risk control, new managers and new ideas.

Research is key to finding these opportunities for our clients.

JANA’s capital markets research programme is the foundation for our decisions on investment policy, strategic asset allocation, benchmarks and ranges for each client’s portfolio. Research is conducted both from a bottom-up perspective (i.e. through asset class research) and a top-down perspective (i.e. through portfolio construction analysis and research).

JANA’s investment professionals conduct capital markets research both within their dedicated asset class research teams and more broadly from a whole-of-fund perspective. We have qualified economists on staff and our Capital Markets Group is responsible for researching and understanding current economic developments, both globally and domestically.

Investment manager research is another primary focus. Our asset class research teams conduct their own research face-to-face with investment managers in their offices all around the world. We do not rely on advice prepared by distant partners or associates.